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Waking up very confused and with a pounding headache; being very afraid, but trying not to show it. One Running Gag is Sherlock waking Joan up in some amusing fashion after his sleepless night of such deductions. Please tell me if you want more song requests like this. Actors. Bless this post. When it’s your birthday - Sherlock, John, Greg When you get kidnapped - Sherlock, Moriarty, Mycroft. Opening your connor x reader; domestic headcanons. The series also includes the part of Holmes genius' for the stories that is often overlooked in adaptations; sitting around for hours looking for some critical detail in the evidence that'll break the case. You sit up and rub your eyes to help you wake up. Comforting is not this bby’s strong suit. In The Hound of the Baskervilles, Watson shows that he has picked up some of Holmes's skills at dealing with people from whom information is desired. Teleplay by Michael Chabon. Gadreel!Sam x Reader x Dean. based off of this request : Hey there Can I request this Loki x Reader where reader is recruited by the Avengers but she went through the same as the twins and nobody trust her, even Wanda, so she is kinda depressed, but Loki tries to be friends with her because he knows how it feels but he always had Thor so he wants to be that person to her, so they If you love me. “Absolutely not!” I could hear the disgust in Sherlock’s voice. Harry Potter was designed to be bland as bread - he's occasionally sarcastic, but the rest of the time he's designed to be as generic of a reader-vessel as possible. If you wake up him from your nightmares, he’ll gently wake you up. Request: “Damien x reader where the reader had never been actually been in love so they don’t know what to take as love and what to take as cruel. Dec 23, 2016 · In the upcoming series of the BBC’s Sherlock, viewers will see the relationship between Martin Freeman’s Doctor Watson, and his wife, Mary, begin to crumble after the couple are blessed with a Sunrise (Sherlock X Reader) One-Shot A beam of sunlight calmy illuminated the duvet as my eyes flew open one pleasant morning. Small Town Girl, Living in a Big I do not know what is wrong plz help they’ll be like “ah yes by the stain on the left knee of ur jeans and ur messy eyebrows I can tell u have X,, have u ever heard of it” and I absolutely hate it, I hate knowing exactly what’s happening and having to pretend I don’t just to be taken seriously, I propose it be titled The Sherlock Effect How to recognize artists' works! (You have to click thru to see the entire list – totally worth it for the last one alone!) How to recognize artists' works! (You have to click t Shop Cyber Monday deals November 28 to 30. Sherlock Holmes and the Ravenclaw Codex-- Harry Potter/Sherlock Holmes . John's first thought after waking up is that he's still dreaming. Downtown Gotham was a shit place to live. • Normally, Loki always teases you at how cute you look when you sleep (you are Sherlock X Reader Break Up. I will write practically anything, just leave a request in the comments and I'll get to it as soon as possible. You had barely opened your eyes when you found yourself running for the bathroom. she makes breakfast and then wakes up Sherlock with small kisses. Directed by Olatunde Osunsanmi. John and Mycroft) Out of habit though, Jim still never falls asleep before you, even if he isn’t working. Posted 2 years ago. Sherlock x reader (3) “There’s a new tenant moving in to 221C,” John commented, as he and Mary entered the flat. And in doing so, you inadvertently met with one Sherlock Holmes. Together. A real detective could use Sherlock to spruce up his office. You'd really thought it would change now that you and Nathan were living together, but like it or not, he tended towards bouts of sleeplessness and tension. Sherlock’s handwriting was appalling, each slow stroke of a letter came with shaky attention. Originally posted by namiiswan. Since Sherlock has a very strong sense of smell the reader opens up EVERY seasoning Pretending - Sherlock Holmes; Originally posted by trechos-of-books. You prepared yourself to tackle an extremely difficult task that would probably take a day or two depending on your progress. com. Slipping on one of Sherlock’s dress shirts and buttoning it up, you weren’t prepared to face what was going on in the kitchen. Word Count: 1,139 Warnings: Slightly out of character Jaime The journey to George Weasley x reader with prompt 76 from the 100 prompts list with George saying it to the reader right before the battle of Hogwarts and they get separated during the battle but find each other when it’s over and PLEASE DON’T MAKE FRED DIE. Warnings: nada . When you were done throwing up you laid down on the bathroom floor, reaching up to flush away last night’s mistakes and seeing Loki in the doorway. Originally posted by bun-zawa. Tortoise Speed Fics. Read Wake up. Waking up to an onslaught of kisses when it’s time to get up for work or when he feels a little lonely on weekend mornings. Moriarty walking into the room, and introducing himself in a very dramatic fashion, and being a little surprised that while you’re certainly not your brothers, you still are very sarcastic and unafraid. ” Looking outside, I found that children were already playing outside in the snow that had fallen outside overnight. You pulled the check Sebastian had given you out of your pocket and handed it to John. Request Summary: Can I request for a Cheryl x reader where Cheryl notices you haven’t been eating so one day she forces you to but then catches you purging in the bathroom and confronts you about it and helps you slowly recover. Requested by three Anons: maybe you can write this: reader wakes up early in the morning to see Sherlock next to her with his beautiful messy hair. Requests: Open. Sam x Reader x Lucifer. You pulled back, sitting on the coffin and wiped the remaining blood away from your red lips as Sherlock stood up and straightened himself out as much as he could. ” Sherlock was pretending to be asleep again, ignoring your reasoning behind his early waking. I am also huge fan of Benedict Cumberbatch, Tom Hiddleston, and Robert Downey Jr. Sherlock BBC, Sherlock Holmes/John Watson Often John found himself waking up to see Sherlock standing next to their  An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works. Sometimes it was a good thing, but most of the time it was annoying. Ichabod Crane is resurrected and pulled two and a half centuries through time to unravel a mystery that dates all the way back to the founding fathers. Originally posted by scully-fbi. Steve could feel how his body began to give up and he slumped completely on the ground, grabbing your arm tightly, he could feel the panic rising in his mind. (Peter Parker x Wilson!reader) Wade Wilson not Sam Wilson Summary : You and Peter have been together for awhile now but things have there up and downs and when you have a really bad down on a school spring trip to Portugal, things get really fucking rough. just, angst. (As he observes to the reader, "I have not lived for years with Sherlock Holmes for nothing. Markiplier x Male Reader Lol it’s like 3am and I’ve got an alarm for 0530 and I’ve given up on sleep. The skull on the mantelpiece rattled as the door to 221B slammed shut, Sherlock marching over to his chair and slumping into it, pouting like a child, whilst you stormed into the kitchen and began (rather noisily) making tea. “Sherlock, it’s one in the morning, let the poor boy sleep-!” “I want to sleep,” John was heard in the background, you chuckled to yourself. Preferences. Words:1200+ —– You rolled your suitcase out of your door. After five minutes, Sherlock barely had muddled through the first sentence. arrowverse arrowverse x reader the arrowverse the arrowverse x reader lot lot x reader legends of tomorrow legends of tomorrow x reader dc dc's legends of tomorrow dc legends of tomorrow dcs legends of tomorrow constantine constantine x reader john constantine x reader john constantine sara lance x ava sharpe avalance zari x nate zari tomaz x The prompt: Waking up from a nightmare… Genre: Comfort. I. I really had fun with this one <3. Looks like you could use a friend too. Waking up in the Hospital Wing after a particularly rough transformation, Remus did not expect to find Sirius watching him from the adjacent bed. And I'm a big fan of Kpop. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Seconds later, an old lady open the door, laughing in a surprised manner. Sherlock may be a little bit OOC Nothing in this world slipped through your fathers waking gaze. Originally posted by roadswewalk. depression, romance, juminhan. She gave silent thanks and ventured for the milk she bent down for – Sherlock had  31 May 2016 Sherlock Preferences/ how you sleep & wake each other up I HAVE SOMETHING I ACTUALLY things sherlock holmes has canonically done:. Trailer & 'BBC One Chr. He is known for the roles of Bond villain Gustav Graves in the 2002 James Bond film Die Another Day (for which he was nominated for the Saturn Award I’m starting to feel like that miracle is falling into a deep sleep and actually waking up rested. However, you also get the opportunity to speak to Bucky about something you know has been bothering him for quite some time. I always do this I need to not forget everything around me when I’m reading. George Weasley x reader with prompt 76 from the 100 prompts list with George saying it to the reader right before the battle of Hogwarts and they get separated during the battle but find each other when it’s over and PLEASE DON’T MAKE FRED DIE. 308 notes. 17 Apr 2018 If you wake up him from your nightmares, he'll gently wake you up. Cheryl x reader. “I know,” Sherlock answered, huffily. Bagels (Sherlock x Reader) Even if it was waking up at three in the morning to the smell of burning bagels. Luffy x Reader AN:(implied female reader) Luffy Is Romantic?[[MORE]] Today was the day! Your birthday! And this was the first time you celebrated it together with the funniest and weirdest Lebanon- Castiel x Winchester!Reader Author’s note:First SPN x Reader! I’ve been catching up on SPN so I decided to write this! Summary: After bringing your dad back with the pearl, many things were The Lion and the Fox (Jaime Lannister x Reader) Part 2. The Brightest Star – Thursday, Dec. I'll leave you here to deal with the bull. If you and your family member are vacating for holiday, you can take up pet sitting services to keep your pet within the conveniences of your home and within the familiar home environment. M’ Periods // Peter Hale x Reader Requested! Requests are Open! Enjoy; (Y/n) groaned as she opened her eyes. sherlock x reader, Sherlock TV masterlist In alphabetical order, then in chronological order. Part 1, Part 3. *beep* *beep* An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works Read Sherlock Holmes x Male!Reader (Highschool AU: Leave Me Alone) from the story Character x Male!Reader by Choco_Bananas (Sweet Sinnamon Daddy) with 14,331 r Request: “Sherlock x reader with prompt #1 (but with just the first name) where the reader is friends and in love with Sherlock but they’re all sad because the name William is on their wrist [… One night, you and Sherlock were sound asleep in your bed; you were laying on your left side and Sherlock was cuddled up behind you, his right hand over your belly, when suddenly you felt a sharp pain. Jan 27, 2018 · Waking up with Loki would include… • You’d almost never be the first one to wake up but today would be your lucky day. Morning and Night; Sherlock x Reader. 21:43. 2015' Teaser - Song / Music - The trailer uses the track 'Waking Life' by Chroma Many films used Sherlock Holmes myth for new works - either straight or pastiche or parody The Seven-Per-Cent Solution (d. Rowena x Reader. Halloween - Ryou “Baby, come back!” Jamal x Reader OnMyBlock (Part 1) Originally posted by cuddlybitch. Sherlock Holmes sherlock x reader reader x sherlock benedict cumberbatch sherlock bbc masterpiece a study in pink the blind banker the great game a scandal in belgravia the hound of the baskervilles the reichenbach fall the empty hearse the sign of three his last vow the six thatchers the lying detective the final problem thestreethoundwrites x Sherlock Holmes sherlock x reader reader x sherlock benedict cumberbatch sherlock bbc masterpiece a study in pink the blind banker the great game a scandal in belgravia the hound of the baskervilles the reichenbach fall the empty hearse the sign of three his last vow the six thatchers the lying detective the final problem thestreethoundwrites x Breakfast in Bed (Sherlock x Reader) Summary: The reader is Sherlock’s girlfriend and decides to make him breakfast. Request: Sherlock x Reader where Sherl and the Reader are having to pretend to be newlyweds for a case and have to share a hotel room and a bed? Music to My Ears (Sherlock X Reader) Requested by @hpfan0324 “I’ve got another idea if you’d like to add it to your list! Sherlock wanting to teach Reader to play violin, when she has never touched Dust and Deceiving Death Part 7 - Sherlock x reader AN: I reread my previous chapters and I feel like I could have done so much more with this fic but oh well, it’s not over and I’m so glad you all Smoke (Sherlock X Reader) Summary : Reader is Sherlock’s longtime girlfriend and one of the few people in Lestrade’s division who likes him. Just silence and his own breathing, so he closes his eyes and tries waking up again. Then he lowered it to the paper. With Tom Mison, Lyndie Greenwood, Nicole Beharie, Orlando Jones. He carefully picked up the pen, and uncapped it. I felt Sherlock’s curly mop of dark hair tickle my neck. Sherlock One-Shots and Preferences. Summary: You are an asgardian who has fled from home to escape your past, a trauma you refuse to tell anyone. A Long Time Coming. Oh well. Right now, the brave Captain America was gone, there was only Steve Rogers, just a scared boy from Brooklyn. Enjoy! Waking up early in the morning isn’t Sherlock smiled at you and brought his arm over to bring your closer to his body, his head now resting on your shoulder and his mouth at your ear. Sherlock x reader) A/N: SOMEONE reminded me of Sherlock using the riding crop week ago and I realized I had not thought of it enough, or even enjoyed it enough. Read Sleeping Beauty {Sherlock} from the story BBC Sherlock X-Reader Oneshots Sherlock didn't have the heart to continue trying to wake you, standing up  23 Jan 2018 Sherlock x Reader - Let me sleep A/N: I relate to this on a spiritual While he woke up early and never got grumpy in the morning like you, you  1 Jun 2015 She brushed up against him as he turned back to face her. computer interface. Thanks for anon for this request. Summary: Arthur is curious about you. To say that Tony was a happy camper waking up would have been Jun 02, 2014 · Sherlock glared up at him, head still tilted downwards towards the page. Jaime pushed his way through the crowd of his men, following the few fleeting glimpses of orange in the sea of red and gold. Originally posted by that-taters-my-tots • • • The dorms were deathly quiet as you sa on the sofa in the common room, staring into nothingness. Girl’s Day Out. (“Moriarty? That your first name? Black Cat (Peter Parker x Reader) Warnings: smut During the day the reader is a shy girl who has a crush on Peter, at night she is a thief called Black Cat. As for waking up 15 Hours Sherlock X Reader . “You know why,” you said. This tag belongs to the Additional Tags Category. 15 Hours Sherlock X Reader . Based on: “can you do an imagine with Jamal and the reader dating and getting in an argument over anything you can come up with really like maybe RollerWorld or he’s upset with guys always trying to get with her ignoring him or vice versa?” The Babysitter (Mycroft x Child!Reader) You are a the daughter of a family with high importance in England. May 31, 2016 · Sherlock Preferences/ how you sleep & wake each other up I HAVE SOMETHING I ACTUALLY WROTE OH MY GOSH- I’m hella bored and tired so please feel free to just ignore me & if I’ve missed anyone/ you want Pairing: Sherlock x Reader (ft. (I need all the romantic fluff!) waking up to the smirking face of the Late nights | Tenya Iida x Reader (Bnha) • • • Characters: Tenya Iida x Reader. ” I couldn’t help but let a smile creep onto my face. A/N: Reader is 15 years old in this! And! DOG! I love dogs so much and boom here it is. 3 Nov 2011 Kidnapped Sherlock x Reader. For a reader who has outgrown the Hardy Boys' adventures but still seeks  Thank you so much for reading. In any case, a lovely rendition of "Blue Danube" inspired a bit of bad waltzing before Sherlock finally showed up, and it turned out to be a happy evening altogether. John checked his watch. Sep 19, 2016 · WORLD'S FASTEST READER SIMON COWELL CRACKS UP!! Stand Up Comedian Gets Everyone Laughing At His Jokes! - Duration: 21:43. Request: Could you do a George Weasley request of his girlfriend’s family being apart of the Order and her family being attacked by Death Eaters causing her to escape barely with her life so like Weasleys’ reactions and George never leaving her bedside until she wakes up? Sep 18, 2018 · Coming back home - Asra x reader fluff I received many requests for fluff with an NB and gender neutral reader, so here it is~ Probably more to follow! It´s a very soft story this time, I need more Of course, the first words to come out of his mouth today would be the word no. How you met - Atem, Seto, Ryou/Yami Bakura, Akefia S/O warming up their hands in winter - Seto, Yugi, Jounouchi. Created by Phillip Iscove, Alex Kurtzman, Roberto Orci. Cas x Reader x Dean. Originally posted by jokerous. I feel my heartbeat calm down in my chest after all the running. I also don't describe the physical appearance in my 'X reader' stories, because I want you to put yourself in it. I hope you enjoy anyway _____ It was normal night in 221B, as normal as it could get with Sherlock laying on his couch, his fingers steepled under his chin as he thought. The girl who tried to save the Holmes - Sherlock x reader / Mycroft x reader AN: Requested by @whoolemilk (it won’t let me tag you for some reason) I might change a little bit of it later on but for Warnings: Sherlock x Reader AS FRIENDS, slight Mycroft x Reader, mentions of sex, mentions of death/overdosing and anxiety medicine-Whilst trying to catch my breath, I raise my hand and knock on the door. <![CDATA[Reading response logs : inviting students to explore <![CDATA[Reading response logs : inviting students to explore Read Lazy Mornings {Sherlock} from the story BBC Sherlock X-Reader Keeping your eyes closed, you smiled and savored the feeling of waking up this way. You may improve this article, discuss the issue on the talk page, or create a new article, as appropriate. Sherlock x reader. Sherlock finishes Morning with the Avengers Avengers x reader (platonic) Note: You’re Sokovian Warning: it’s short I don’t own any of these characters, they belong to Marvel. Fluff (Alcohol) •—• “We’re here,” you heard your husband, Greg, whisper, shaking your shoulder’s lightly. “Whatever, princess,” Sherlock huffed as he trudged to the kitchen. Damien x Reader. You looked so peaceful that when everyone began going to bed, he couldn’t bare the idea of waking you so he picked you up. Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader Summary: You get to enjoy a particularly drowsy morning cuddled up with your boyfriend. “No?” I laughed. She clutched her stomach in pain and looked at the digital clock next to her bed. Sherlockfan4Life I am a huge fan of the following TV shows: Sherlock, the X-Files, and Doctor Who. Breakfast in Bed (Sherlock x Reader) Summary: The reader is Sherlock’s girlfriend and decides to make him breakfast. ) It was a quiet day in 221B Baker Street for Sherlock and John. Stealing Her Away (Cersei Lannister x Reader)Jaime brings a girl to King’s Landing and she takes quite a liking to Cersei. “Princess. ” His breath tickled your ear, waking you up further. ” Night Swimming // Teen Wolf Theo Raeken x Reader Sorry if it becomes bunched up and not have spaces (For some reason it didn’t work with my last few images) As always requests are open don’t be afraid Its kind of an Interesting story. Sherlock x Reader chap Pairing: Sherlock x Reader Word Count: 1909 masterlist Part 13 It was getting late so the two of decided to head back to Baker Street. Request- Could you write something for Aizawa x reader where he is a vampire with dark and fluffy parts @loki-nox. Comfy here. On the opposite spectrum, you could take a protagonist like Sherlock Holmes. “(Y/n) get over here!” But before you could respond, Sherlock hung up on you. Y/N wake up. Originally posted by lion-wasczyk. Just a random writer Gaston x Reader. (This is So imagine how angry you are when you wake up in a different body  An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works. from the story Sherlock x Reader by governmentational (Anastasia) with 17,303 reads. I can not believe I forgot to get dinner. And then suddenly it struck me that what was dark to me might be very light to Mr. The silence permeating the room is almost unearthly; no hum of traffic from outside, no broken murmurs of conversation or sounds of television bleeding through the walls from next door. ‘4:00 A. Sherlock Holmes x Reader Warnings: this is 18+ as it contains adult content (unprotected sex) “You can’t keep shutting everyone out!” YN yelled, slamming the door between them, in his face. It was altogether too much for me, and I could make no sense of it. Rating: K+. conflict, selfishness, sherlock. Punchline Recommended for you. I do not write for this fandom anymore. Cyber Monday Deals from Amazon. One Shots. Periods // Peter Hale x Reader Requested! Requests are Open! Enjoy; (Y/n) groaned as she opened her eyes. George Weasley x Reader; Lightning Era; requested. Charlie x Reader x Team Free Will. 6 The Accelerated Reader Program is widely used in schools across America to provide reading incentives and testing. Hard Times. . The Complete Sherlock Holmes | Part of the elegant Knickerbocker Classics series, The Complete Sherlock Holmes is comprised of 4 full-length novels and 56 short stories featuring the world's most famous pipe-smoking detective. Flash of Blue. I had just time to get up to town by the night train to see him this morning, and to bring you both back with me to Birmingham. Thor x Asgardian!fem!reader. Pity about you-know-who. Father!Sherlock x Daughter!Reader - The new Redbeard A/N: Reader is 15 years old in this! And! DOG! I love dogs so much and boom here it is. John was still looking at them with wide, unbelieving eyes. A Close Call. Sorry for the intrusion Please be aware we use cookies and similar technologies to help our site work, to understand how it is used, and to  Home (Daenerys x reader) Prompt: Hi, Can you please do a Daenerys X Reader where Waking up is never fun, especially not when you wake up tied to a chair. Until next time," He gives your shoulder a final squeeze before signaling to his partner it's time to go. “You heard me,” Sherlock mocked. Looney. I may have some OF stories where I do, but not my 'X reader' stories. “We both agreed we would be telling them about the baby today. I am a LaVeyan Satanist🔥 I enjoy Comics🃏, Sherlock🔎, Harry Potter📚(Slytherin for the win!🐍💗), Drawing , Listening to music🎧🎶, Watching movies💻(like anything with Johnny Depp in and the Marvel Movies) The man a few doors down - Arthur Fleck x Reader. Pastiche of Sherlock Holmes adventure, focusing on Holmess drug addiction Nicol Williamson as Sherlock Holmes, Robert Duvall as Watson, and Alan Arkin as Dr Jan 18, 2012 · But Sherlock fans were up in arms that Conan Doyle had killed him off. <br /><br /> There are a billion more things wrong with this programme, but it essentially it just takes the fucking piss out of the audience watching it. If you The Monthly This one is super short, sorry, but I wanted to get something up for you guys. Sherlock jerks awake from his nightmares, his mind working furiously to process what exactly he Reader who studies linguistics and is fluent in several languages. Since Sherlock has a very strong sense of smell the reader opens up EVERY seasoning Pairing: Sherlock x Reader (ft. A/N: So I love Black Cat a lot so I decided Vampire Aizawa x Reader. It was usually the first thing he told Shachi or Penguin when they were doing stupid. Sherlock Holmes. I have modified the details of the story to a greater extent (keeping the core same) including the names to preserve the interest of the people involved. His muscular frame didn’t even flinch as he scooped up your plush body close to his own. Los Angeles Love. The air was dark and cold, not yet touched by the sun. “Y/N…,” he breathed out. Imagine waking up to your doorbell ringing and being greeted by this sight. YU-GI-OH. Which brings us to the ironic-not-ironic-amazing part of all of the above. Originally posted by menofgot. “Excuse me,” I frowned. Requested by @miyakokurono Thanks to my beta-reader @true-queen-of-mischief Requests are open Fandomlist Masterlist of You put up a good fight. Oh Gosh, my first Sherlock one shot… I’m awful at this…it’s my first time, so it’s gonna suck. I don't write smut. The smaller man gives you a weak smile and a thumbs up while trying to keep up with Sherlock's brisk pace. “Morning is a lot better when you have it at one in the afternoon. Headcanons. “You better have a damn good reason for waking up your pregnant wife,” Mary muttered, rubbing the sleep from her  30 Jul 2016 Imagine sleeping next to Sherlock You were tired after a long day's You asked as you slowly blinked yourself awake and you saw Sherlock looking at x Reader fic for all the John!girls out there @martinfreemanisababe​  Young Sherlock Holmes: Death Cloud is the first novel in the Young Sherlock Holmes Sherlock wakes up and meets Crowe and Matty and they discuss matters. Akira Kurusu x Female!Reader x Shadow!Arsene (My Dear, Dear Treasure) Alternate Universe where a Persona User can have a Shadow, as well as a Palace because of how they have figured out the Metaverse Trustworthy | Loki x avenger!reader. Sherlock x Reader - I am here A/N: This is a bit sad but with a happy ending. <p>Sherlock Sherlock x fem!Reader celebrating their 20th wedding anniversary by renewing their vows. After waking up in an unfamiliar sickbay, Craft (Aldis Hodge) finds himself on board a deserted ship, and his only companion and hope for survival is an A. So Damien helps teach the reader, whom Jun 24, 2015 · Humanity (Bucky x Reader) [Chapter 13] Music: (x) Bang Bang Bang The sound stroke your ear as you shot right through the targets in SHIELD’s training zone. ” Sherlock huffed out a breath that was something akin to a laugh. | Peter Parker x Reader. reveals how he beat up Reynhard Sinaga after waking up naked during attack and led police to lair where 195 were The examples and perspective in this article may not represent a worldwide view of the subject. Apr 16, 2014 · Hetalia Babysitters X Reader~ An Interesting Bunch of Babysitters Waking up at exactly eight that morning you got dressed in a simple (f/c) shirt, jeans, (s/f/c) converse, and had your (h/l) (h/c) hair in a ponytail. Description: You wake up to find yourself in Steve’s apartment. They were always coming up with stupid ideas, some that exceeded the stupidity levels he thought his crewmates had but they somehow found a way to make him speechless with their acts. 5 Jul 2014 I felt Sherlock's curly mop of dark hair tickle my neck. Feb 12, 2019 · Sherlock interrupted you, you blinked sleepily, the medication taking its full effect on you. Waking up to an empty bed besides you had been a given for the past few years. Cyber Monday 2019 has concluded, but bookmark this page and come back next year for Cyber Monday 2020 and some of the best holiday deals of the year. M’ BBC SHERLOCK. I’m going to post a preview of what the I'm In Love With A Psychopathic Clown Xx //Requests Are Open// I'm a 16 y/o, bisexual female from England. After Sherlock paid the cabbie, you followed him upstairs to where John was sitting reading the paper. Updated: 25/09-2019 Greg Lestrade x reader • A Date -fem!reader- (Tumblr) (AO3) • Displaying 100000 results out of 136373. Follow/Fav Sherlock x Reader: waking up at the sound of beautiful music played in a violin. In only two weeks, you got better at My eyes fluttered open as I felt the sun on my face, I woke sooner than we intended, the Durin brothers were the ones waking me up completely as they came into my room screaming my name like children and I hated them for that, they only laughed at my sleepy face and I got up to threw them the pillows, Thorin was the one that helped me getting It seemed as soon as the alcohol hit your tongue you were waking up the next morning. Updated: 25/09-2019 Greg Lestrade x reader • A Date -fem!reader- (Tumblr) (AO3) • Bagels (Sherlock x Reader) Even if it was waking up at three in the morning to the smell of burning bagels. You had already thrown in the towel, crawled up into the broad frame of your fiance-your head snuggled into his lap as you slept. A lot of thoughts raced through you head, mainly of someone breaking in, but as you tried waking Sherlock up and finding his usual side of the bed empty, you realized it must be him. This is a song fic based on the song ‘All I want’ by Kodaline, and it’s very short. Waking up to an incessant ringing of a doorbell isn’t the greatest way to greet the morning sun. Nov 15, 2017 · I woke up the next morning with a sigh. I don't use gender pronouns in my 'X reader' stories unless I specifically say so. Word Count: 3895 - Holy frick this was almost 4,000 words Warnings: This has me feeling sOmE KInD oF wAY! I’m really PROUD OF THIS FIC . ~ Avengers x Child Reader. It would make for better conversations in the show. Sherlock X Reader Break Up Kindly, Shut Up. Misha x Reader. Herbert Ross) based on novel by Nicholas Meyer. Parent tags (more general): No Fandom; This tag has not been marked common and can't be filtered on (yet). SHERLOCK MASTERLIST. I love Marvel, Doctor Who, and Sherlock. “Does that make you my dashing prince?” I asked. “Y/N. UPDATE: We are so much closer to 200 than we were a few days ago. Questionable {Greg Lestrade x Reader} A/N: Finally, a one shot that isn’t Mycroft. John and Mycroft) When one of you wake up, you usually go and make the other a cup of tea before climbing back into bed. To @mikariell95 @request-me @lostsunshine @m4shtyx @spiderlingsweb I hope you guys enjoy the latest part!!. The game is afoot Here are the Sherlock Holmes novels and stories, all in one volume and in their proper chronological order Itachi x reader - for the last time Someone asked for a sad scenario, so here I am :) I can´t believe I never wrote something for Itachi before!!!! How???? It was one of those nights again. On the plus side waking up in the middle of the night for a crying baby is not an issue at all. Mark Pellegrino x Reader. Enjoy some cute shit fellas sorry it’s a bit short *btw I feel like I should clarify that I’m not <p>Life on the Mississippi is a memoir by Mark Twain detailing his days as a steamboat pilot on the Mississippi River before the American Civil War. " Sherlock smirks at that, "Of course I did. Summary: The reader has a late night and can’t sleep, so Tenya does his best to help her. The Weight of Living - Bucky x Reader This didn’t turn out as well as I would have liked. If you want me to do otherwise, just let me know. dean winchester dean x reader cuddles fluff supernatural sam winchester supernatural fluff drunk reader baby sloth did you like it i like confirmation very much:) <3 my sleep schedule is fucked up so i apologize if im not making sense this is stupidly adorable wow my boys deserve happiness in their lives Monkey D. Sherlock had spent most of the day inside his mind palace doing whatever he does in there, and John wrote up old cases and cleaned the flat. Evil is Subjective (Avengers x Villain!Reader) Part 4. Toby Stephens (born 21 April 1969) is an English stage, television, and film actor who has appeared in films in both the UK and US as well as in India. " ) Watson is endowed with a strong sense of honour. You are but 6 years old when your parents had to go and do some business trips. Series Part 9 of Flash Ficathon Sherlock X Reader (A/N: I write with feminine pronouns, because I’m a girl. riding crop gif -- lennonisheroin: the arse and the neck and jesus god everything Complete Sherlock Holmes [Sir Arthur Conan Doyle] on Amazon. It was one of those very few mornings when I woke up next to him, sleeping peacefully  Requested by anon: Sherlock x reader. It’ll take a few years of you teaching him how to do it before he gets effective at it. He was the bridge between the Classical and Romantic eras, and as such, he has created works that sound similar to Mozart and works purely Romantic. He’ll be a little overwhelmed at first, and cite books he’s read over and over. Sherlock and Watson take her on all their adventures, as she is the one who presents cases to them and represents them in the police force. You have the ability to manipulate plants and earth, and you end up joining the Avengers. Greg x Wife! Reader. And (F/N) wasn’t enjoying it one bit. Hi! My name is Hannah, (bisexual Lannister Ravenclaw), and I do reader inserts and pairings for the following fandoms:-Game Of Thrones-The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings-The Walking Dead-Sherlock-Merlin-Avengers-The 100- Maze Runner- Star Wars - Carmilla - Harry Potter- Brooklyn 99 - Dear Evan Hansen - Hamilton - May 26, 2009 · When it comes to making a selection for our Book of the Month Club discussions, I like to take several things into consideration: recommendations, reviews, an intriguing premise, and, of course, whether or not the author is a Stargate fan. Summary: you’ve had quite enough of Sherlock’s experiments… Originally posted by roadswewalk. Story by Sean Cochran and Michael Chabon. Waking Up. This category is for questions regarding the program and the books it contains Sherlock Special: The Abominable Bride - TV Trailer, Ext. Please use the filters or edit your search to customize this list further. Sherlock already has a wacked up sleep schedule so it’s likely he’ll still be up when the baby starts crying. Road to Recovery. By keeping your canine creature in your home, you will be saved from the trouble of picking up the pet from the kennel. It’s hard work to do adulty stuff well, but the kind of work that’s satisfying because it’s about being good to yourself and other people and building a life that you’re okay with waking up to every day. “That doesn’t sound like me at all!” In that this version of you is waking up in the morning. Sherlock stole Mycroft's laptop of state secrets and left with John to Appledore, Magnussen's country estate, to trap him with it, with Mycroft summoning a helicopter and policemen to track it through its GPS locator upon waking up. You gave a small chuckle as you got up out of your bed, tying the cord of your dressing gown around your waist. Being the Mar 27, 2015 · Sherlock was a bit dizzy, still coming down from the clouds from the feeling that you gave him. 13 hours ago x. You quickly sit up, waking up Sherlock in the process, you feel around and felt something wet around your lap then you let out a yelp of pain. Ryou Bakura/Akefia x Reader/Ancestor . Rob Benedict x Reader. It’s definitely more effective than alarm clocks and you love the feeling of his chest pressed against your back. “Mghnmghm… nooo. I want it to be easy to place yourself in the story. summary: It’s angst. the day goes on and reader falls asleep in Sherlock’s lap, he carries reader to bed and kisses her in the forehead if you can, please, pretty Jan 15, 2016 · The Sound of Romance [Sherlock x Musician!Reader] It is common knowledge that the (in)famous Sherlock Holmes preferred Mendelssohn to any other composer. sherlock x reader waking up

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